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Is Duct Cleaning Worth it?

Duct Cleaning in Brownsburg, Lebanon INAfter Duct Cleaning in Brownsburg, Lebanon INMost homeowners have heard mixed reviews about whether duct cleaning truly helps your home. We understand the confusion and want to help set the record straight, so you can have the best possible air quality inside your home.

In many situations, it is essential and well worth it to have your ducts cleaned. Those situations include:

  • When you have pets at home – Pets shed and their hairs can get sucked into your ducts and stay there. That will spread pet dander, an allergen that creates respiratory ailments in some humans, throughout your home. Having your ducts cleaned regularly will keep the danger of pet dander in check.
  • When you live in an older home – Older homes are more prone to dust accumulation. It is wise to have your ducts cleaned once a year if you want the air quality in your old home to remain clean and safe for everyone in it.
  • When you recently had remodeling and renovations – Following a home renovation, your indoor air is full of sawdust, cement particles and other particulates that have invaded your ducts. Having your ductwork cleaned after the remodeling is done will provide fresh, pure indoor air to complement your fresh home decor.
  • When you suspect pests are in your home – If you notice signs that rats or other other unwanted pests have entered your home, you should definitely have your ducts cleaned. Droppings that are left in your ducts can cause illnesses to the people who breathe the air that comes from these ducts.

For a variety of different reasons, having clean air ducts is a good thing. If your ducts need more than just cleaning, Cook Home Services also will provide duct repairs or duct sealing for your home in Crawfordsville & Greencastle, IN. We have a long list of ductwork services that you can choose from for your specific needs. We can install new ductwork into your home or modify your ducts to better work for you.

Whatever your ductwork needs, we are here for you. Contact us at 765-232-0108 and we can send over someone for your free assessment and estimate.