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Locating Air Leaks and Air Sealing

Locating air leaks and air sealing

With the high cost of utility bills these days, having an energy-efficient home is crucial. If your home is not as energy efficient as it should be, you can find yourself with utility bills that are through the roof. One of the reasons for excessive energy consumption is air leaks, and the best way to get rid of them is air sealing.

What are Air Leaks? 

In a nutshell, air leaks are areas around your home that allow the air within to escape and the air outside to enter. This means that if your home is heated, the warm air will escape through these air leaks and cold air will come in. This leakage results in the need for your heater to work harder to keep your home warm, which in turn results in higher energy consumption.

In order for you to get rid of air leaks, you first need to find them. There are three ways normally used for finding these leaks. These are:

Hand test – This is best done on a very cold day. What you do with the hand test is rub the back of your hand along the edges of your home’s doors and windows. When you do this test, you should turn your heater off so you can easily detect any drafty air coming into your home.

Candle test – This test also is performed on a cold day with the heater off. Hold your candle near the edges of your doors and windows. You can also place it near light fixtures, baseboards, electrical outlets, and other areas prone to air leaks. If the flame on your candle dances as you run it slowly near these areas, then you have air leaks.

Incense test – This test is just like the candle test but instead of seeing the flame dance due to an air leak, you will see the smoke from the incense moving away from the edge of the door or the window when a leak is detected.

If you don’t have the time to detect the air leaks yourself, you can hire a professional to do this for you. These professionals can use what is called the blower door test to find out if your home has air leaks. They may also use thermal imaging tools to determine where these leaks are.

Air Sealing After Leaks Are Found

The good thing about hiring a professional to check for air leaks is they can spring into action immediately to stop them. The most efficient way to do this is with air sealing. Air sealing can be done in a variety of ways.

For windows and doors, smaller leakages can be handled with the use of sealant. If the problem is too big for this solution, energy efficient windows and doors may need to be installed. Draft guards, weather strips, foam in a can, and other similar tools can also be used to address these leaks.

For leaks that are in your ductwork, you will need a professional to come in and do what is called duct sealing. This will help you get rid of any holes that may be in your ductwork, which usually results in high energy consumption.

When you need professional help to deal with air leaks in your home in Crawfordsville and Montgomery County, the company to contact is Cook Home Services. Aside from helping you find where these leaks are, we will also help you find the right solution for them. Simply contact us at 765-232-0108 to schedule an assessment and estimate.