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Things to Know About Your Air Conditioner Before Repairs

Things to Know About Your Air Conditioner Before Repairs

It often happens that the air conditioner in the house is neglected until the day there isn’t any cool air coming from it. When this happens, your AC makes sure it is during the hot days of summer, when this machine is most needed. You then try to put the settings to the highest level hoping it will kick in and keep working. However, this is to no avail. You then decide that the only thing left to do is seek professional help with air conditioning repairs.

You could always avoid the repair if you have some basic knowledge about air conditioners and how to properly maintain them. However, repairs will be necessary on the most complex of things, for example, if the system needs refrigerant because of low levels due to a leak. The detection of the leak and the handling of the refrigerant are best left to certified Crawfordsville and Greencastle air conditioning repair professionals.

The part of the AC located inside is called the evaporator of the air conditioning unit. This is where the cool air comes from. In front of the evaporator, there is an air filter. As the name implies, it filters dust and other particles from the air before the air enters the unit. The most basic maintenance you can do is to clean this filter regularly. The occurrence of this task depends on how often the unit is used. To be safe, cleaning the filters should be done on a monthly basis. If you have a reusable filter, running water will more than likely be sufficient for cleaning. Many AC units in Crawfordsville and Greencastle are disposable though. You’ll simply need to identify where your filters are and every so often replace them with new ones.

It is also recommended that you have no obstructions in the path where the air is coming out of or going into the unit. There should be a complete, unimpeded air flow to and from your air conditioner. Any blockage to this flow will result in a decreased performance leading to air not being cooled and even icing of the evaporator. Aside from potential breakdowns, this also causes inefficiency in your system which leads to higher electric bills.

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On the outside, this is where you are likely to find the other two main components of an air conditioner. These are the compressor and the condenser. The former is the heart of the system which pumps refrigerant throughout the unit. It is this flow that gives the air conditioner its cooling ability. If this flow is restricted, cooling is affected. The latter is where the heat taken by air from your room is taken out into the surroundings. If you have tried to put your hand into the air coming out of the condenser, you will notice that it is hot. It should be. If not, then your AC is malfunctioning. Problems to these two units usually require air conditioning repairs.

There is not much maintenance you can do to these two units outside except to ensure that there are no restrictions to the air flow of the condenser and that its coils are clean. If you want to be sure, call on a professional Crawfordsville and Greencastle air conditioning professional. A quality AC repair professional will answer your questions and offer a free estimate.

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