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AC Inspection Service in Crawfordsville and Montgomery County

Summers in Crawfordsville and Montgomery can be unforgiving with scorching hot days and humid nights. Air-conditioners are the best friends during this time so you should ensure a routine inspection and maintenance for your air-conditioners before summer kicks in. Cooks Home Services takes pride in providing homeowners with all forms of HVAC solutions since 1978.

We travel to Rockville, Lafayette, Greencastle, and other cities in Montgomery County and Greater Crawfordsville, Indiana.
Call us to book an appointment today. Along with inspecting air-conditioners, we also specialize in assessing indoor air quality (advice for air filtering, humidity control, and odor reduction). Click here to know more!

Common Signs Your AC Needs Professional Inspection

Foul Smells: The air from an air-conditioner is neutral and should not smell like anything at all. If you notice a musty or earthy smell as soon as you turn on your AC, there might be mold growth inside the surface of some components which need immediate attention. A “Smokey” smell is another sign. In a case like such, turn off your AC immediately to avoid the dangers of a fire.
Uneven Cooling: If your AC is unable to produce enough cool air and you notice restricted airflow, it is time for an inspection. Uneven airflow occurs if there are clogged filters ductwork.
Increase in Energy Bills: Is your energy bills soaring? If energy bills sky-rockets while electric usage remains the same, it means your air-conditioner’s efficiency has gone down and it is taking longer than usual to function.
Strange Noises: Groaning, squeaking, or rattling sounds from an AC is not normal. There can be many reasons for these noises, sometimes a simple tune-up can fix it, or it might also mean a bigger malfunction, like a failing compressor.

Call Cook Home Services right away if you notice any of these above signs. Fixing the issue in the early stage will save you from high energy bills and also expand the lifespan of your unit.

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