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Geo Thermal Units in Crawfordsville & Montgomery County

Can Geothermal Units Be Used to Cool Houses?

Many people think geothermal units are used to heat houses while this is very obvious when referring to the term “thermal”. However, it can also be used to cool houses, and moreover, it is more efficient than AC units using conventional current. 

How Does it Work?

A geothermal unit contains two primary components: 

  1. A ground source inside your house.
  2. A closed-loop of plastic tubing that circulates a fluid mixture - water & anti-freeze.

During winter, the geothermal HVAC systems work by absorbing thermal energy from the Earth and heating your house. In the summer season, it works by depositing heat from your house back to the Earth, like a heatsink.

Geo-Thermal Units Available in Lafayette & Veedersburg, IN

Cook Home Services is renowned for its excellent quality and durable AC products since 1978. We bring you high-quality geothermal units available for all residential and commercial properties in Lafayette, Brownsburg, Crawfordsville, Alamo, and more across Indiana. Cut down your heating and cooling bills with our exceptional geothermal products. Our expert technicians will install your geothermal HVAC system within a short timeframe while taking space requirements and building architecture into consideration. 

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Benefits of Geothermal Units for Heating & Air Conditioning


  • Durability - Since geothermal units do their work underground and are not exposed to natural elements like traditional A/C units are, they may last long for generations (up to 50 years)
  • Energy-Efficient Heating & Cooling - The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that geothermal systems are 48 percent more efficient than gas-powered furnaces, 75 percent more efficient than furnaces that burn heating oil, and 43 percent more efficient than conventional HVAC systems at cooling homes.
  • Safer for the Environment and Your Family - Geothermal systems use natural heat energy from the Earth for cooling or heating. They are also less polluting as they do not release any kind of methane gas or carbon monoxide.
  • Cost-Effective - The initial cost of installing a geothermal system can be higher than a normal A/C unit., but within a span of 10 years, the system will cover up the extra cost and continue to benefit you. Perfect if you intend to stay in the home for a long time.


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