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Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner in Crawfordsville and Greencastle, IN

Woman thinking if it is better to repair her AC unit

A packaged terminal air conditioner or PTAC is an electric-powered, self-contained heating and cooling system. Similar to window units, this appliance is typically mounted through a hole cut from the room’s exterior wall. PTAC units are operated independently and often used to control the temperature inside small, enclosed spaces.

PTACs are a popular choice for commercial structures that have many individual rooms, such as hotels, hospitals, housing facilities, and condominiums. In residential addresses, this appliance is used in sunrooms and extra rooms, or those spaces that are not serviced by the structure’s centralized HVAC system.

The Benefits of Having a PTAC System

This heating and cooling system stands out from others in many ways. A PTAC unit:

  • Is noiseless and energy efficient
  • Is especially suited to heat and cool small rooms
  • Operates separately from centralized HVAC systems
  • Has models that do not require condensate drain piping
  • Uses a compact design that does not occupy a lot of floor space
  • Has easy-to-use controls
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Woman thinking if it is better to repair her AC unit

Fast, Clean and Affordable PTAC Installations

Installing this unit in any room does not require a ton of work. That is, unless the room lacks the hole for the PTAC. If this is the case, your technician will have to make a hole where the system can fit in. Carving out a hole in your wall to accommodate the PTAC unit can be a messy job. But with Cook Home Services’s clean installation service, you won’t have to worry about making a mess inside your building.

You can look forward to hassle-free packaged terminal air conditioner installations and services by contacting Cook Home Services today. Our company has been providing the areas around Crawfordsville and Greencastle, IN with high-efficiency air conditioning and heating systems since 1978. In addition to white-glove clean installations, our NATE-certified technicians also perform 24-hour emergency services for both commercial and residential properties.

Control your room’s temperature with ease by installing a PTAC system. Begin by calling 765-232-0108 or leaving a message on Cook Home Services's Contact Us page.