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Professional Duct Replacement in Crawfordsville and Montgomery County

When your duct system starts performing poorly, you have two options to fix the problem: repair or replace the duct. Most of the time, repairing your ductwork is the answer, but there are some situations where replacing the entire system is the better choice. To determine if your ductwork needs to be replaced, you need to know the history and current performance of your system before going through with the replacement.

Old Ductwork System

Most duct systems last up to 10 to 15 years before they start to deteriorate. If your current system is 15 years or older, it’s usually best to just have it replaced. An old duct system has a harder time providing your entire home with proper ventilation, which causes an increase in your energy consumption. An older system is also more susceptible to damage and more expensive to repair, especially if you’re trying to maintain its upkeep.

Damaged Ductwork

There are many reasons behind a damaged ductwork system. Mold, dust and large leaks are the most common duct problems. However, poor ductwork installation can also be the reason why your duct gets easily damaged. If you suspect that your duct system is damaged beyond repair, have it professionally analyzed and replaced immediately. Continuing to use a duct system that’s in poor shape makes your indoor environment unhealthy. This just invites mold and dust into your building, making it harder for people with breathing difficulties and illnesses to stay inside your property without adversely affecting their health.

Increasingly Unpleasant Indoor Environment

Sometimes duct damage isn’t easy to spot, but you can notice it whenever your indoor temperature isn’t balanced. Oftentimes, repair and maintenance can bring your system back to an operable state. However, if you’ve had your ductwork serviced and still can’t feel the improvement, you’re better off replacing the system entirely. In this case, it’s cheaper to replace your duct system than trying to sustain its efficiency.

If you’re looking to have your duct system replaced, contact Cook Home Services. We offer professional duct replacement and other ductwork services to properties in Greater Lafayette, Indiana. Replacing your duct system isn’t an easy process. Without the necessary equipment and expert know-how, you’ll do more damage to your ductwork than actually replacing it. Furthermore, we have fully licensed and certified technicians who are trained to replace your duct system properly and quickly. Just give us a call at 765-232-0108 and get a free estimate.

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