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Gutter Replacement Services in Greencastle & Crawfordsville, IN

Having a proper gutter system installed in your home is one of the most important things you can do to keep your home, your valuables – not to mention your loved ones – safe and dry.

If your gutters have been neglected or have fallen into disrepair for a long time, you are not just risking water damage to your property, but also a host of other serious problems, one of which is the drastic weakening of your building’s structure. Prevent these issues from becoming reality by having your gutters replaced by Cook Home Services.

Cook Home Services is your home improvement company serving the areas of Greater Greencastle & Crawfordsville, IN since 1978. From air conditioning and heating services to home renovation jobs (such as painting, plumbing, and gutter repair/replacement), if it has to do with making your home a better and more comfortable place, we're the best choice to do it for you.

Warning Signs That Your Gutter Needs to be Replaced

Replacing your property’s gutter system can be expensive, which is one of the many reasons why many homeowners usually delay in doing so. However, there are some key warning signs that can help you determine whether you need a gutter replacement or not.

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  • Flecks of paint and rust around your gutters. Unless your property is a very old one, there should not be any paint flaking or rust flecking on your gutters. Finding flakes of paint and rust around your property, especially around the gutters, means that water is sitting in your gutters for an extended period of time.
  • Mildew or mold around your property’s foundation. Gutters are there to catch rainwater from your roof and direct it elsewhere to drain. If your gutters are blocked or cracked, they end up pooling around your foundation and causing mildew formation. This could result in structural weaknesses in the home or building.
  • Gutter sag. When your gutters have begun to sag and pull away from your house, that’s the clearest sign that your gutter needs replacing. It basically means that your gutter has been full of stagnant water for so long that the weight of the water along with the resultant rust has weakened its structure.

Contact Cook Home Services to Replace Your Gutters

Don’t allow your weakened gutters to be the source of water damage and structural issues in your home. Contact Cook Home Services today at 765-232-0108 to get a free estimate for a gutter replacement installation for your property in the Greencastle & Crawfordsville, IN area.