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Many homeowners usually dismiss flooding and puddles of water in their yards as something harmless and normal, especially during wet and rainy seasons. However, this can't be further from the truth. In fact, if a yard does not have a proper drainage system it could cause no end of problems for the property owner, from compromising the health of plants to potential structural issues to the property.

If you're a home or property owner in the Greater Lafayette, Indiana area and you’ve been noticing water puddles around your lawn or garden that don't seem to be draining quick enough, you definitely need professional help in installing an efficient drainage system.

Contact Cook Home Services and take advantage of our years of experience and expertise in all aspects of home improvement, from installing and repairing air conditioners and heaters to the renovation of specific sections of a home (attic, basement, kitchen, crawlspace, etc). And yes, we also handle yard drainage issues.

Benefits of an Efficient Yard Drainage System

While it may be tempting to simply overlook the puddles in your yard, there’s really much more to gain in having an effective yard drainage system. Here are some benefits to having a yard drainage system installed.

  • Prevents your property’s foundations from being stressed. When the water falling into your yard gets absorbed instead of being drained away, it makes the soil around your property’s foundation heavier, wetter and denser. This kind of soil may not be something that your property’s foundation or basement is graded to withstand, and as such stress cracks and fractures can develop. This effect is doubled during the winter months when the wet soil freezes, causing even more stress to your property’s foundation.
  • Prevents water from seeping into your property’s crawlspace or basement. Just as an efficient yard drainage system prevents water from straining your property’s foundations, so too does it stop water from seeping into your basement or crawlspace. Water damage in these areas can not only cause structural weaknesses in your property’s structure but also cause mold and mildew development. Pests and insects may be attracted by the moisture also.
  • It keeps your yard looking neat and healthy. Nothing puts off a guest more than seeing a muddy and messy yard full of water puddles. The stagnant water in these puddles will also attract pests such as mosquitoes and other flying insects. By having an efficient yard drainage system, you avoid all of these while keeping your yard looking very aesthetically pleasing.
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Don’t risk it. Have proper yard drainage work done before it’s too late. Contact us at Cook Home Services through 765-232-0108 for a free estimate for a yard drainage system for your property in the Greater Lafayette, IN area.