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Cook Home Services has provided quality comfort and home improvement services to Crawfordsville, Indiana and the surrounding Montgomery County since 1978. We are committed to meeting your needs with 100% satisfaction.

Our heating professionals can conduct a home energy audit in your property to help you determine the best ways to address your heating needs.

Cook Home Services has 43 years of service offering the highest quality HVAC products available. We offer a diverse range of HVAC for our residential and commercial clients, including the following heating services:

Along with our heating services, we also service HVAC, air quality, energy solutions, and other interior home services.

Keep your home in tiptop shape with our maintenance plans. You’ll enjoy priority service, discounts on repairs and other services, and hassle-free scheduling.

Furnace Repair and Maintenance

Furnaces are a forced warm-air system that can work together with air conditioning as well. At the most basic level, the furnace pulls air through a filter, heats it, and distributes the warm air through the ductwork of a building. The furnace can be powered by electricity, gas, or oil.

Furnaces will malfunction, often for many common reasons. Whether the issue causes you lose heat entirely or suffer from intermittent or inadequate heat, it is always best to have trained professionals examine your furnace to determine if it needs repaired or replaced.

Cook Home Services has 45 years of experience working on furnaces and our NATE-certified technicians have the tools and experience to work on your furnace. Contact us if you’re having issues with your furnace.

Boiler Installation

Selecting the right size boiler for your home is important. When shopping for a boiler, you want to consider your buildings heat loss, not square footage. If you purchase based on the size of your building, you’ll likely buy a boiler that’s too large.

Size your boiler to replace the heat lost through walls, ceilings, windows, and other surfaces. We recommend using the Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s “Manual J” guidelines.

Choose the highest annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) available. The AFUE rating tells you how much of the fuel your boiler uses is actually converted into heat, versus being wasted during combustion. The higher the AFUE, the more efficient and eco-friendly the boiler.

Decide whether you want an oil or gas-powered boiler. Boilers evenly distribute the wanted temperature in your building through tubes installed behind your walls.

If you plan to upgrade your hot water heater, ask about combination boilers. Combination boilers incorporate water heating and home heating into a single appliance. these units can save you space and maximize convenience.

Oil Boilers

Oil boilers are common in areas with limited access to natural gas and requires a tank of oil somewhere on the property. The oil is ignited in the combustion chamber and the heat exchanger passes the heat to cold water. The now hot water is then dispersed to the areas requiring heat.

Gas Boilers

Gas boilers are fueled by either natural gas or propane. Gas boilers do require fire in order to work as the fuel is heated by flame. Though it does need the help of a flame to start heating your surroundings, the system typically uses an intermittent ignition device. By simply pushing a red button for one minute, the continuous pilot light is ignited.

Boiler Repair and Maintenance

Boilers use natural gas, oil, water, electricity, propane or wood to create hot water or steam that heat up your home through radiators, baseboard convectors, radiant floors or fan-forced coils.

A boiler consists of many components that help disperse heat. To ensure your boiler remains in good working condition, we recommend regular maintenance to your system.

Boilers eliminate the dry, forced air of traditional furnaces, replacing it with moist heat that won’t dry out your home or environment.

Our technicians are able to help you with boiler repairs and maintenance, plus radiator and piping repairs. Warning signs of a malfunctioning boiler include:

  • Boiler flame is orange
  • Smoke marks on the ground by your boiler
  • Loud noises coming from your boiler
  • Boiler pressure drops
  • Pilot light goes out often
  • Reduced level of heat production

Convert Your Home from Oil to Gas

If you’re looking to create a “greener” home, you’ll want to consider purchasing a gas-based heating system or converting your oil-fueled system.

Our technicians are able to convert your fuel from oil to gas, be it your furnace, heater, or burner. If you’re ready to make the switch, connect with us and we can:

  • Perform preliminary equipment design & specifications
  • Estimate
  • Finalize system designs
  • Provide the gas equipment
  • Construct main extensions and service connections (if necessary)
  • Install
  • Inspect

Converting to gas has several benefits including:

  • Cost-effectiveness—Gas is more combustible than oil. It burns much hotter and uses less fuel each time
  • Value-enhancing—Gas is versatile and can heat numerous numerous sources (indoor heating, pool, kitchen appliances, dryers, etc.), which can increase your resale value
  • Efficiency—The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rates natural gas boilers at around 90% efficiency, meaning 90% of the energy becomes heat with just 10% escaping through ventilation
  • Safety—Gas utilizes pipelines to deliver the fuel from a main supply line, rather than a storage tank for oil

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