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Heating System Clean Up Service in Greencastle & Crawfordsville, IN

Heating System Clean Up Service in Greencastle & Crawfordsville, IN

Professional Heating System Cleaning by Cook Home Services

Annual heating system maintenance and clean-up are essential. No one wants their heating unit to stop working in the middle of cold January, right? One can own the most expensive heater but can still find it malfunctioning because of lack of proper maintenance. In Lafayette, Darlington, or North Salem, and other parts of Crawfordsville, Cook Home Services has been providing heating system cleaning by certified professionals since 1978.

Our annual heating system maintenance and repair services provide homeowners with peace of mind as we ensure top-notch service.

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Professional Heating System Cleaning

Our trained technicians are experienced in cleaning all types of heating units, be it a furnace, boiler, or radiators. Our team is familiar with almost every type of make and model and hence has figured the most efficient cleaning methods. We will inspect the thermostats, lubricate moving parts, and fix electric connections and gas pressure before starting the cleaning process.

Once these has been done, we will clean the ducts, evaporator, and condenser coils thoroughly. Dirt and grime build-up can reduce the efficiency of your unit, and if not cleaned for a prolonged period might even damage it permanently.

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Regular maintenance is the best way to increase your equipment’s longevity and maximize your energy usage. Heating systems like boilers or furnaces are complex machines with various components, hence, only certified and trained technicians should be hired for maintenance.

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