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Every home in Crawfordsville and Greencastle has, on some level, extra square footage that will inevitably become unusable. Attics become cobwebbed and cluttered storage spaces. Attic Renovation in Crawfordsville Basements become dank and dark forgotten realms. Even your crawl space is a portion of your home that is typically left untouched. These areas are not only neglected because they aren’t common, but also because they reside in parts of the home exposed to the most elements. This constant exposure coupled with little attention will leave them as unused, slowly decaying portions of your house. If your home has areas like this, you need to renovate.

Cook Home Services is the home improvement expert in Crawfordsville and Greencastle. We have over 30 years of renovation experience turning local attics and basements from mildewed, dank warehouses into more efficiently utilized home additions. By laying flooring, repairing walls and even extending heating and air conditioning to these areas, you can more efficiently use them. Whether for air conditioned storage or a family gathering area, your choices for how to better utilize your crawl space, attic or basement are limitless with Cook Home Services. That is why we are the number one choice in Crawfordsville and Greencastle for home improvement professionals.

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Attic Renovation in Crawfordsville

Crawl Space Renovation

Moisture is a common problem in crawlspaces. Moist dark areas are the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Renovation of your crawlspace maintains your property value and protects your home from mold.

Attic Renovation in Crawfordsville

Attic Renovation

Condensation can be a problem in the attic. This moisture stands to damage your trusses and rafters, not to mention your insulation. Renovation not only makes the area more usable for storage or living, but also protects your home’s structure.

Attic Renovation in Crawfordsville

Basement Renovation

Basements are constantly exposed to high moisture due to groundwater and storms. This dark and dank area of the home poses mold and flooding risks. Renovation can revitalize your basement into usable space or repurpose it for living.

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