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Heating and Cooling Services in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Cook Home Services has provided quality comfort and home improvement services to Crawfordsville, Indiana and the surrounding Montgomery County since 1978. We are committed to meeting your needs with 100% satisfaction.

Cook Home Services has 45 years of service offering the highest quality Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) products available. We provide services for all your heating, cooling, air quality, and ductwork needs, including installation, repair, and maintenance.

We offer a diverse range of HVAC services for our residential and commercial customers. Our HVAC services include:

Along with our HVAC services, we also service air quality, ductwork, energy solutions, and other interior home services.

Keep your home in tiptop shape with our maintenance plans. You’ll enjoy priority service, discounts on repairs and other services, and hassle-free scheduling.

HVAC Installation

The latest HVAC systems on the market are highly energy-efficient, which means they provide ample cooling and heating while consuming relatively little energy. With more modern options becoming available, you should rely on experienced technicians to install the system.

Cook Home Services has been working with all kinds of HVAC systems for over 45 years, allowing us to work faster and smarter. Our technicians are NATE-certified, experienced, reliable, and provide white-glove clean installations.

HVAC Repair

Heating and air is one of the most essential components to comfortable living in your home or business. With such importance placed on a single system, you should rely on professionals to service your HVAC.

Just because your unit does not work, does not mean that it should immediately be replaced. The best way to save your system from becoming seriously damaged is to have it repaired. Repairing your system is a more budget-friendly process than replacing the entire system.

HVAC Replacement

Repairs may not always be possible for your HVAC system, making replacement necessary. Before replacing your system, contact us to discuss if repairs are possible, if the unit needs replaced, and to learn if there is anything new in AC options.

If your system needs replaced, our Indoor Comfort Specialists can provide a FREE ESTIMATE and an Energy Savings Analysis comparison with your current system and several systems we carry. We will also provide a free second opinion if another team has determined your system needs replaced and you’re unsure.

Contact us and we will work with you to determine the best solution and answer any of your questions.

Why and When You Need Your HVAC System Repaired or Replaced

A properly working, energy-efficient HVAC system allows you to take advantage of savings in energy and upkeep costs while keeping your building at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Systems in need of repair or replacement can decrease indoor air quality, cause uneven temperatures, and increase your energy bills. Plus, a house without heat could also result in frozen pipes, flooding, humidity and condensation, and water damage.

A broken or non-functioning unit should be evaluated for repair or replacement. Issues can include the system not turning on, making weird sounds while running, no treated air flowing, tripping the circuit breaker frequently, and more.

Determining exactly why your system is failing will make it much faster and simpler to repair. Here are the most common AC unit malfunctions and damages:

  • Dirty condenser or evaporator coils
  • Dirty filters
  • Ignition or pilot control problems
  • System frequently cycling between on and off
  • General mechanical problems
  • Malfunctioning thermostat

HVAC Maintenance

Your HVAC system and installations need to be routinely checked and inspected to make sure they are in good working order or in need of repair. To keep your systems in tiptop form, contact us about our maintenance plans, which includes:

  • Inspection of entire system
  • Check the connections of electrical wirings
  • Flush the condensate drain line
  • Lubricate the necessary parts
  • Test all controls
  • Check air flow

Learn more about our maintenance plans.

Geothermal and Traditional Heat Pumps

One of the most energy efficient heating and cooling systems in existence is a Geothermal System. A traditional or geothermal heat pump transfers heat to and from your building effectively heating or cooling it to your desired temperature.

Traditional heat pumps look and work just like normal AC systems, providing AC in the summer and heat in the winter. Traditional heat pumps are In winter it becomes the first line of defense heating.

With a geothermal or traditional heat pump, you can heat or cool your entire building using a significantly smaller amount of energy, saving you money. These systems also improve the air quality as it filters the air, removing dust, mold spores, smoke, odors, and other particles.

While the name sounds like it’s just for heating, a heat pump acts as a heat exchange. The heat pump, through pipe-like passages, constantly moves warm air from one location to where it is or isn’t needed based on the season.

Our technicians have all the tools and specialized equipment to install your geothermal system. We are familiar with local and federal tax incentives for renewable energy systems and will assist in providing you with the proper information. Our services include:

  • Horizontal Geothermal Heat Pump Installation
  • Vertical Geothermal Heat Pump Installation
  • Pond/Lake Geothermal Heat Pump Installation
  • Open Loop Geothermal Heat Pump Installation

Did you know? Even when it is cold, heat energy is always present.

Our Experience

Cook Home Services provides you the best guidance in choosing the right system for your home or business. We can handle the entire process for you while answering questions that arise along the way.

Our NATE-certified technicians can provide white-glove clean installations, system repairs, and perform 24-hour emergency services.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We also provide custom designs for commercial and residential building renovations, and we can also provide innovative designs for existing systems to solve comfort issues such as hot and cold spots, special room applications, energy efficiency issues, fresh-air ventilation and so much more.

We Service All Brands and are Proud to Partner With

HVAC Systems

Most HVAC system are forced air systems, which distributes cooled or heated air through the ducts and vents. These systems work for heating, known as central heating, and air conditioning, known as central air.

Forced air systems take the treated air from the main unit and with a fan blows it through series of ducts installed throughout your home. Maintenance of the system is important, with various components that requiring specific repair or maintenance methods, and you should not ignore early signs of issues.

Forced air systems include:

Traditional Split System

The system includes an outdoor and indoor unit and generates very little to no noise inside. The outdoor components don’t need to be located directly behind the indoor portion, so you can place it in a less prominent outdoor location.

Hybrid System

This system, typically consisting of a heat pump with a furnace, is similar to the split system with the key difference that you can determine whether to use gas power or electric. It uses traditional ducts to distribute the air through your building.

Packaged Heating and Air

Packaged HVAC systems operate independently and are often used to control the temperature inside small, enclosed spaces. An electric-powered, self-contained through-the-wall appliance mounted through a hole that is cut into an exterior wall.

Ductless Systems

The ductless system, also known as the mini-split, contains an outdoor compressor unit and indoor units that distribute the treated air. The system takes warm or cool air from one location and moves it to another.

A ductless system offers you zone control because they are typically smaller unites installed on a room-by-room basis. Controlling the individual zone temperatures also gives you control over your energy consumption.

With a multi-stage filtration, the system also helps improve your air quality as it reduces dust, bacteria, pollen, and other tiny particles in the air.

We offer ductless unit installation, system retrofitting, and maintenance.