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If it takes time for hot water to reach your showerhead or kitchen sink, your hot water heater may not be the problem. It’s possible that the size of your property and the length of your plumbing pipes are affecting the efficiency of the entire water heater system.

You might think that replacing your current hot water heater with a newer, more powerful model will give you the results you like. However, there’s a simpler and more cost-effective solution to this issue: installing a hot water re-circulating system.

What’s a Hot Water Recirculation System?

A hot water recirculation system is a type of plumbing system that makes sure there’s hot water constantly flowing in your pipes. When you’re not using your hot water heater, the water in the tank sits overnight and becomes cold. When you turn on the water heater, it takes time before the water reaches your desired temperature.

What the hot water recirculator does is push hot water continuously into your plumbing system. It uses a bypass valve which opens and closes to regulate the water’s temperature. It’s a revolutionary design for a simple purpose, but it gets the job done quickly.

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Types of Hot Water Recirculation Systems

Hot Water Recirculation System

Traditional Hot Water Recirculation Systems

The traditional hot water recirculation system has a dedicated return line for the hot water pipes. This line goes from the furthest plumbing fixture in the property and then back to the water heater.

Instant Hot Water Recirculation Systems

Instant hot water recirculation systems don’t need a dedicated line to loop hot water throughout the home. So they can be installed and used in any type of property. There are two types of instant hot water recirculation units you can choose from.

1. Over-the-Water-Heater

This type of unit has the pump located above the water heater – hence the name – while the check valve is placed under the sink. The pump’s function is to pressurize the hot side of the system and send hot water through the valve. It continues to push the hot water into the cold side of the unit, creating a loop.

2. Under-the-Sink

Like the name implies, this model is installed under the sink. It works similarly to the over-the-water-heater because it also pushes hot water through the cold side of the system.

On-Demand Water Circulation System

Instead of running hot water constantly, an on-demand hot water recirculation system generates hot water at preset timed intervals. The user has to activate the pump if hot water is desired.

Get Hot Water More Efficiently with Cook Home Services

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We'll also install your new hot water recirculation system for you to ensure that it stays in place and works properly. If you have an existing system, we’ll gladly repair and maintain it for you as well.

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