Improve Your Home with Cook Home Services

Cook Home Services has provided quality comfort and home improvement services to Crawfordsville, Indiana and the surrounding Montgomery County since 1978. We are committed to meeting your needs with 100% satisfaction.

Cook Home Services has 45 years of home renovation experience remodeling bathrooms and turning attics and basements into more efficiently utilized home additions. Our renovation services include:

Along with our renovation services, we also service electrical, plumbing, and other interior home services.

Bathroom Renovations

While you can find several impressive Do-It-Yourself bathroom renovations online, they can’t beat a professional’s touch. It takes skill, patience, and experience to renovate any space, and your bathroom is one that needs these the most.

Let us handle the task of enhancing the appearance and functionality of your bathroom, including:

  • Replacement or upgrade of your tub or shower
  • Replacement or upgrade of your toilet
  • Replacement or upgrade of your plumbing fixtures
  • Redo the flooring
  • Drywall and painting
  • Install vanities and mirrors
  • Update the lighting

Along with our bathroom renovation services, we also provide services for plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and other interior home services.

We have the manpower and tools to complete the project with zero problems and delays. Our master designers also have no problem transforming your dream bathroom into a reality.

Check out some bathroom inspiration so we can turn your dream into reality!

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Attic Renovation

If you have an attic in your home, chances are it is used for storage. The attic is typically overlooked as in many homes it simply houses the insulation and some ductwork.

With limited use of the space, you may not notice problems that can be resolved through renovation. Condensation and moisture accumulation during times of high humidity can pose a threat to the structural integrity of your roofing. Poorly installed insulation can also be a problem. Beyond the possible damage and future repairs, the attic is a place that can be put to more efficient use.

By renovating, you are can:

  • Protecting your attic from problems caused by moisture accumulation
  • Clean up any poorly installed insulation
  • Turn your attic into a more functional space, providing you with more storage room and even livable space.

When you are ready to make the attic a functioning part of your home, call on the renovation experts at Cook Home Services. We have assembled a team of specially trained professionals that are experts in many disciplines.

Our HVAC technicians specialize in attic renovations and can convert your attic into a safe and usable area of your home, with services including:

  • Attic renovation
  • Attic flooring
  • Attic Ductwork & HVAC Connection

Along with our attic renovation services, we also service HVAC, ductwork, and other interior home services.

attic renovation

Basement Renovation

The basement is typically one of the most vulnerable unused spaces in the home. Being partly submerged and constantly exposed to high moisture due to groundwater and storms, the space poses mold and flooding risks. These risks can lead to numerous problems that affect both your property and your health.

When moisture builds up or your basement floods, water can get trapped in walls, wooden beams, and hard to reach places. Leaving these areas wet can cause several structural damages, including mold infestation, wood rot, and noxious odors.

If not addressed, these issues can accumulate and penetrate the upstairs, putting your health at risk. A musty and damp atmosphere also invites insects, such as mosquitoes, to lay eggs and is perfect for bacteria growth.

Renovation can revitalize your basement into functional and usable space, whether for storage or an extra room. By renovating, you can:

  • Protect your basement from moisture and water damage
  • Refurbish the walls and flooring
  • Create a comfortable climate
  • Revitalize it into a usable space

We specialize in taking over the dirty work so you can focus on planning your basement’s functionality and aesthetics. With years of experience and the use of high-end equipment, our professional hands know how to take care of your property and work without creating any damage or mess, with services including:

  • Basement Moisture Sealing & Removal
  • Basement Flooring Installation
  • Basement Ductwork
  • Basement HVAC Installation

Along with our crawl space renovation services, we also service HVAC, ductwork, and other interior home services.

basement renovation

Basement Moisture Sealing & Removal

Excess moisture in your basement can be a tough problem to resolve. Our most effective way of keeping basements moisture-free is by sealing it and removing excess water.

Having the space sealed will close all gaps, holes, and cracks in your basement walls or floors, ensuring that water, no matter the amount, will not enter. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment that can dry your entire basement, including those hard-to-reach places.

Basement Flooring Installation

Did you know you can improve your basement floor’s lifespan by sweeping and mopping the area regularly? However, there comes a time when the flooring will start feeling weak and looking old. Elements like cracks, spots and stains will inevitably accumulate as years of use and abuse pile up.

New and properly installed flooring makes your property look better, and durable, non-slip flooring also makes your home a safer place. Installing new floors correctly requires the right materials, equipment, and expertise to successfully update your flooring. Improper installation without the necessary tools can be dangerous and one small mistake can break your new floors or leave you injured.

Basement Ductwork

Aside from refurbishing the walls and flooring of your basement, you need to consider the current state of your ductwork system as well. Ductwork is the main conduit where heat, ventilation, and air conditioning pass through. Since the system’s main function is to deliver pleasant air throughout your home, there’s no doubt that it runs through your basement as well.

When finishing a basement, you have the option to expose your ductwork or hide it from plain sight. In most cases, hiding the ductwork is recommended for safety and design reasons.

Performing DIY renovations on your ductwork can create air leaks, which disrupts the harmonious air flow through the system. This causes uneven air distribution and forces your HVAC system to work harder resulting in less energy efficiency.

Basement HVAC Installation

Renovating your basement can include installing a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. An HVAC system helps create a pleasant atmosphere—keeping you warm in the winter and cool during summer.

An improperly placed HVAC system tends to get damaged quicker, creating problems like insufficient airflow and air leaks.  Cook Home Services has delivered quality HVAC services since 1978 and can provide you with a professionally installed system through a fast and efficient process without harming your basement’s design.

Crawl Space Renovation

A crawl space is the narrow area between the ground and first floor of a home. Being ground level makes the space susceptible to moisture and standing water and can result in mold and mildew. This reduces your property value and can break down the structural integrity of parts of your home.

Our renovation experts can quickly and efficiently convert your crawl space into a moisture-free, usable portion of your home. , with services including:

  • Crawl space moisture protection
  • Crawl space flooring
  • Crawl space ductwork and HVAC options

With crawl space renovations, our primary objective is to install a vapor barrier to seal off your crawl space and protect it from moisture. We can also install flooring to further protect your crawlspace and rout ducting or install a ductless system to provide the space with conditioned air, allowing you to make the area a climate-controlled, functional storage area.

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