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Typically, the summers are hot and dry in Alamo, IN but the winters are cold and snowy. The weather extremes make it essential to have a heating and AC system performing at peak efficiency on a year-round basis. For customers in Alamo and its surrounding communities, it is fortunate that Cook Home Services offers the best available heating installation and repairsAC installation and repairshome energy servicesduct sealing & replacement and much more for our residential and commercial customers.

Since 1978, Cook Home Services has been the trusted HVAC services provider for home and commercial customers in Indiana. With more than four decades of experience in the industry, we understand that providing the best services includes promoting the most reliable brands and that’s what we do. We set high standards for technicians to achieve consistent quality of our service.

Our crews serve customers in Alamo, CrawfordsvilleGreencastle, and throughout Montgomery County.

Duct Sealing & HVAC Maintenance by Cook Home Services

While we are the top HVAC services provider in Alamo, IN, we also offer various services related to home renovation and improvement. Some of these services are listed here:

Air Conditioning Installation and Repair Services - Summers in Alamo can hot enough that you will need a powerful air conditioning system to keep cool inside your home or office. For new installations, we only work with energy-efficient brands and models so you can save money without compromising your comfort. 

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Heating Repair and Maintenance - In Alamo, winters are really cold. You don’t want to get caught in winter without a properly working heating system. We recommend that you contact us for a heating system maintenance checkup so you can be sure that your heater will function properly when you most need it. We also do new installations and can work with any brand or model. 

Home Energy Services - It used to be that energy was so cheap that you didn’t really think about it. Those days are long gone. Now that around 50% of energy consumption in households goes to heating and cooling, it’s smart to accurately see how energy is being consumed in your home. Our home energy services will show you problem areas that can be optimized. 

Siding Installation - Sidings protect your walls and add that ‘curb appeal’ to your home. They don’t need repainting and lasts long. Installing sidings is an inexpensive way of protecting your home and adding to its value.

Trust Cook Home Services for Plumbing & Electrical Services in Alamo, IN

In addition to our top-notch HVAC and home renovation services, you can also count on Cook Home Services to provide you with the best plumbing and electrical services in Alamo, IN. For more information, please call 765-232-0108 or send us a message via our Contact Us page. 


Customer Reviews from Alamo
Dean R from Alamo, IN
5 Stars
Reviewed on Facebook
Dec 3rd, 2016
Very capable technicians. We just purchased a new furnace from Cook Heating and Air. We were impressed with their quality of work and also their nice personalities. We were surprised that they all wore paper covers over their shoes so as not to track dirt through our house. Before they left. The basement was probably cleaner than when they began the installation. We woild highly recommend Cook Heating and Air.